Welcome to our web site devoted to PASSION FRUIT CONCENTRATE,
a product of the fresh Passion Fruit grown in the tropics.

This site is sponsored jointly by ITI Tropicals, Inc., USA and QUICORNAC SA, Ecuador.

Our hope is that this web page will serve to educate the Food Industry about Passion Fruit Concentrate and be a forum for the exchange of information and ideas about the product as well.

Passion Fruit Concentrate is a unique ingredient which can be used in a wide variety of food and beverage products. Its colorful, flavorful, aromatic and refreshing tropical flavor makes it the ideal ingredient for a number of sophisticated applications.

Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about Passion Fruit Concentrate AND MORE!!! We'll tell you what it is (yes, it really is a fruit), how and where it is harvested, how it is processed, and details about the finished product.

Company and Product Updates

A Special Note:

    This web page is designed for use by Members of the Food Manufacturing Industry. We hope you will find this information interesting, thorough, and helpful.

    The product is packed frozen in bulk (5 or 55 gallon pack sizes) and is suitable for use in processed food products. It is a commercial product and not appropriate for home use.


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