The passion fruit grows on a woody perennial vine. The fruit itself is round or slightly oval with a hard, thick shell and measures 4-7 cm in diameter. The actual fruit grows only on "new growth" parts of the vine so careful pruning is very beneficial. The average productive commercial life of a vine is about three and a half years.

It takes about six months for a vine to grow from seed to the flowering stage. After flowering and pollination, fruit develops. Generally this takes another 70-80 days and the fruit falls to the ground when ripe. Fruit must be collected daily in order to keep it from pests and spoilage enhanced by organisms native to the soil.

The harvest in Ecuador is year round however, the volume peaks during the period from March to September. The seasons vary somewhat by region as can be seen in the following chart:

CountryPeak Harvest Season
BrazilNovember - February
ColombiaMarch - June
PeruMarch - June
EcuadorMarch - September


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