Passion Fruit

The Quintessential Tropical Ingredient

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Passion Fruit – known for its bold flavor, sweet aroma, and exotic taste – is the perfect ingredient to add a tropical flair to any dish. Added as a topping to desserts or a marmalade on steaks, Passion Fruit will add a deliciously perfect touch to a meal.

Add Passion Fruit to cheesecake for an unexpectedly sweet, yet tart flavor!

Enhance the taste of your meat dish with a Passion Fruit marinade.

Passion Fruit pudding will have your guests coming back for more!


Allow your customers and bar guests to take a trip to the tropics when you add Passion Fruit to your drink selection! It makes the perfect addition to cocktails and mocktails by creating a luxuriously tropical feel with every sip.

For a bold and refreshing taste, enhance margaritas with Passion Fruit puree.

A Passion Fruit mocktail is the ideal exotic drink to expand your selection and appeal to those who do not want alcohol.

The exotic taste of Passion Fruit mojitos is sure to please taste buds!


It doesn’t stop there. When it comes to infusing Passion Fruit into your product, the possibilities are endless. The unique taste lends itself to condiments including salsas, jellies, glazes, jams, and more!

Passion Fruit salsa: The tart ingredient you’ve been looking for!

Try adding a Passion Fruit glaze to pastries for a sweet treat. 

Give salad an exotic burst with Passion Fruit dressing!

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